Flex Printer (Technojet-1801)

Flex Printer (Technojet-1801)


The prices at which we offer the Flex Printer (Technojet-1801) has made us one of the beneficial manufacturers and suppliers based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. These printers have a unique two-dimensional intelligent feather and wave print technology which provides a smooth output. The various print modes also allow for a faster and high print quality. This printer comes with an advanced and intelligent printhead cleaning which is easy and convenient to use.


High Quality Print : 

  • Micro Piezoelectric Inkjet Technology, Adopt Epson Dx5/Dx7 Printheads.

  • Adopt Higher Print resolution upto 1440 dpi.

  • VSDT variable dot technology from 3.5pl to 27pl provides excellent print precision and sharp prints.


Advanced Intelligent technology : 

  • Unique two dimensional intelligent feather and wave print technology provides more smoothness in print. Also helps you to get bandless print all the time.

  • Faster and advanced USB Plug n play transmission interface.

  • Various print modes to get faster and high print quality.


Automatic high performance units : 

  • Equipped with most advanced intelligent print head cleaning.

  • Printer provides much safer and convenient print head cleaning and maintaining functions.

  • Most advanced technology makes operation and maintenance very convenient.

  • High Quality Print Roller, encoder and guide rail gives maintenance free performance for longer period.

  • High quality servo motor with stable mechanism.

Technical Specifications

Model Technojet 1801 / 1802
Print Width 1800 mm
Printhead Epson Dx5 / Dx7 (Optional)
Print Technology Drop - On - Demand Micro Piezoelectric Inkjet
Print Head No. 42371
Print Speed 15*m2/hr ( Draft Mode) / 32* m2/hr ( Draft Mode)
8*m2/hr ( Quality Mode) / 18*m2/hr ( Quality Mode)
Print Resolution 1440dpi ( Max)
Base Color Configuration CMYK
Ink Type Eco Solvent Inks
Drying System Pre & Post heater with Drying Fans
RIP Software Photoprint
Printer Size 1960x1560x110mm ( LxWxHx) / 2000x2050x120mm ( LxWxH)
Color Management ICC Color Profiles, Curve / Density Curve
Power Supply 50/60 Hz, Single Phase AC 220V